about corpus christi

Corpus Christi began as a ministry to serve the members of Via Church Lethbridge. Quickly, we realized it’s potential to grow beyond the local church in Lethbridge. Since its origin, Corpus has grown steadily over the last 13 years and is now being used as a discipleship tool in multiple churches and for many individual people within Via Apostolica and without. In its first iteration, Corpus was known as Leadership Academy and was led by Bishop Todd Atkinson. Since those days under Bishop Todd, there have been changes made to its name, length and its intensity, but it has consistently held to the belief that high level discipleship should be made available to every Christian, within the local church.

We saw many christians living their lives knowing what the right answers to questions about God but they couldn’t tell you why it mattered. There was intellectual understanding without whole life transformation. It caused us to ask the question “What are we missing in the church today that is causing this disconnect between the truth of God and life transformation?”

Following the model of the early christian church we looked to the scriptures and the ancient christian creeds to see what is true belief and how has the church always received it? What were we missing?

What we found was that the church had always taught those entering the church through catechism, but this training was not solely intellectual. They believed that the truth of God was to be received in the head and the heart and that out of that reception there must be an act of the will to follow the way of Jesus in the world. This is the goal of Corpus Christi. To disciple the people of God into the truth of God in such a way that they know that it was for this purpose that they were created. God wants us, created us for himself and being with him is where we will feel the most human, the most alive and the most free.

How then do we train someone in this way?

We believe that we are meant to be formed by God. We did not ask God into our stories when we were saved, we were welcomed into his. Together, we look at the story of God in the scriptures and learn to allow the scriptures to to shape us. We must learn to be followers and learners. To receive the truth of the Triune God from his self-revelation, not build God in our own image. This means laying down our ideals and looking to him.

To do this, we encourage a deep love for the scriptures and theology, a deep commitment to prayer, which we believe will deepen the individuals love and commitment to God, and all of this must be done in community. These fundamentals of the Corpus Christi program remain. The truth of God, as revealed in scripture is transformational when we allow ourselves to be formed by it. This means choice of the will to follow his ways and a choice of the heart to trust in all God says about himself. Then, when we are formed by God, shaped by his story, we will live in this life as his image-bearers, showing Christ to the world.

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2019/20 Applications Open: June 7th, 2019
Dates: September - April
Cost: Lethbridge - $1200 or Distance - $1000
Age: 18 and older

When we said yes to Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior we were welcomed into his story, the story of redemption. This story was set in motion by God at the creation of the world. A common misconception is that we ask the Lord into our story, or our heart, but the scriptures tell us another story. A story of a God who set a plan in motion from the creation of the world to redeem all thing back to himself. This story of redemption is the good news. For mankind, we can only know ourselves by knowing God and to know God is to know what he says about himself and what is his miraculous story of redemption.


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2019/20 Applications Open:
June 7th, 2019
September - April
Lethbridge - $1200 or Distance - $1000
18 and older

In Phase One of Corpus we learned what it meant for us to join God’s story, and this year we take time to dive into the idea of what that means for how we are meant to live. We start by studying the scriptures to see that mankind is made in the image of God. Male and Female he created us. As image bearers of God there is a responsibility to image him in word and deed. So, this year we look to see what it means to actually live as God has called us to live. We model our lives after the life the Christ and look to imitate him in all we do.





*online students will video conference in for all classes in Lethbridge, whereas our off-site students will watch video classes in a small group at one of our offsite locations.


We're committed to serving and enabling a life of discipleship. No one has ever ‘arrived’ in their Christian growth and formation. Corpus Christi is designed to better equip you for lifelong spiritual formation utilizing the Daily Office, the Examen, Lectionary Readings, Liturgical Seasons, and the Collects and Prayers so whatever season of life you find yourself in since leaving Corpus we want to continue to enable disciplines will take continue to shape your life and serve your growth.