cost: $500 lethbridge, online or off-site*

2019/20 applications open: June 7th, 2019

*online students will video conference in for all classes in Lethbridge, whereas our off-site students will watch video classes in a small group at one of our offsite locations.


WHy consider Taking Corpus again?

Over the past 15+ years of discipleship and training we have seen hundreds of people join us in Corpus. From the days of Leadership Academy to now there has been a lot of change. The program itself has changed but we also have seen growth and change in us all as disciples and leaders. Other aspects of Corpus have not changed. God has not changed nor has our desire to follow him. Because of this commitment to him and his message our theology is ever deepening. When you join us in Corpus you will still receive teaching on the good news of Jesus Christ (the story of God’s Redemption) every time you arrive. Sure, we’ve added some classes, and refined others through the years but our teaching, focusing on God and his mission, is still the same.

So, why would you consider joining us as an alumnus of Corpus Christi if so much is the same?

Very simply, we're committed to serving and enabling a life of discipleship. No one has ever ‘arrived’ in their Christian growth and formation. Corpus Christi is designed to better equip you for lifelong spiritual formation utilizing the Daily Office, the Examen, Lectionary Readings, Liturgical Seasons, and the Collects and Prayers. Whatever season of life you find yourself in we want to enable disciplines will take continue to shape your life and serve your growth.