Looking For Revival

I am on my way home from Scotland at the moment (well I was when I wrote this). It was a great trip. It was impossible not to fall in love with the people and the scenery. I’m sitting here on the plane in the dark, wishing I was sleeping thinking. Thinking about all the things that have rubbed off on me and trying to understand many more things. As someone who doesn't leave Canada very often, I assume that this is very normal when coming home from a new experience in a new country.

One of the things that became obvious very quickly is the steadfastness of this people. Maybe it’s the thousands of years of culture that is always all around you but you can feel the strength of the people in the air. A history that we can’t understand here in Canada.


Part of this strength became obvious when speaking with new friends in the church. These people have been beautifully waiting, longing and praying for revival. I don't know if I have heard that word used more often than it was in my short stay there. It wasn't in a flippant or unknowing way either. These people were looking for the real deal. An honest God breathed, Holy Spirit inspired revival. They knew that this costs something. That you can’t expect to seek this type of change without expecting sacrifice, this does not scare them.

There was so much prayer in that place. If there was a place that I could say was truly bathed in prayer this was it.


There were many people I met in the tiny little town of Kyleakin that have been attending a prayer meeting for 20+ years, earnestly seeking for revival. I may be wrong but it would seem that their faith is unwavering, unshakable. Their passion runs deep and it’s easy to see. Maybe it’s the movies, the books or the studies I’ve done of the country but it was not a surprise to me to find an unwaveringly passionate people there. The Scot's love and they love deeply.


I have heard it said by those that have visited the country before that they were 'adopted' by the people. I saw it with my own eyes. The people don't love with a halfhearted love, it is all or nothing. When I think of those that are described as lukewarmin the scriptures it feels impossible that the Lord could be thinking of the Scots. They don't give up, they don't back down and they won't be imposed upon.

Ok, before I get ahead of myself I want to say, that I know that these can be stereotypes and quite unhelpful, which all stereotypes are, but I saw it in them. I heard in their voices and I read it in their history. Even if it’s not true of all, it's in the psyche of the country.

If I ever needed convincing of the fact that God is not moved by our works, it was when I was with these people. If God is looking only for those that are working for revival, then the people of Scotland would be in it right now. If God looks only for the prayers of a few to open up the heaven's and come down to change a nation, then Scotland has it. If God only needs the tears of a praying people to unleash the storerooms then, again, Scotland has that in spades.

I was convinced more than ever that revival is not about saying a proper prayer, about being passionate enough to weep for it or about working hard enough to move God's hand. No, revival is about God. It's about his purpose and his plan. It's about his timing and his story, about hearts and about souls and only God knows the right time and the right place. He wants our involvement but he's not needing us to make the difference. Scotland you are a beautiful place and full of lovely, Godly people. Hold to hope because your God has you. He holds you strong and he is even more steadfast and passionate about you than you have been for him. What he has promised he will fulfill, that is a promise (thankfully not from me but from Him.)

The land is beautiful, the people are beautiful, the promises are beautiful and their impact will be long lasting for me.

As I came home I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the fact that we should all be a part of seeking God as they do. Longing, hoping and praying for a revival to spread across our land. We should all look to the heavens for the Spirit to fall. We should all be Ian's, Callum-Ian's, Holy Mary's, Scott’s, Margie’s, Drew’s and John Smith's. We should all be steadfast, prayerful and passionate for a move of God. To hold to the hope that he would revive the hearts of his people and send The Spirit upon the earth, seeking and saving the lost.

The people of Scotland reminded me to be steadfast, prayerful and passionate. Never stop looking for revival. Never stop believing in what God has promised. To never put the weight of Revival on my works, on my timeline or as my responsibility. Thankfully it is all about Him, all for Him, all in His time and all under his authority.

Praise God.

Canon Robert Steele

Rob Steele