It all started a couple of years ago when...

I was speaking with a student in Phase III about the reflections they were asked to write. We realized that the idea of proclaiming what God has done is exciting, but the actual follow-through can be scary. Even more so if you're being told that you must declare it in a way that is entirely foreign to you.

In class we kept saying "Be yourself! Don't regurgitate information. Don't speak academically if you aren't an academic. Use your voice." 

Corpus began by asking students to express themselves and the Gospel at work in their lives through the written word. But, so many people do not feel comfortable expressing themselves in this way. So the question was begging to be asked, "If you were at work, school, or with family and friends how would you tell them what you've learned about God and what he's revealed to you?"

The key word here is 'how.'

All of a sudden, a new world opened up. Maybe it isn't only about what's being spoken, but the medium as well.

More questions began to flow.

How would a painter proclaim the gospel? 
How about a photographer, a dancer, a musician?

Maybe the written word is foreign, but that doesn't mean we don't each have a voice.

Here at this moment, is where Corpus Creative was born.