1) Is corpus only for those that want to me ordained or leaders in the church?

There are two ways I’d like to answer this:

First and foremost, NO! Our focus in Corpus Christi is the discipleship and development of every Christian. Our goal is to see God glorified in his church through his people. We believe that is possible when the people of God believe and live out their God given identity as image-bearers of God on the earth.

Secondly, at Corpus Christi we believe that a mature disciple is a leader in the Kingdom of God. You do not need a title, official role, or a job in order to lead people. All it takes is to take someone by the hands and lead them towards Jesus. If you are doing that, bringing them closer to the person and work of Jesus Christ then you are a leader! So, in that way we hope that all students of Corpus leave understanding that they are all capable of leading in God’s Kingdom.

2) why is there no MARRIED COUPLES discount? And why are books, childcare or lunch not provided?

Over the last few years we have cut Corpus’s additional programming back as much as possible for the sake of saving each student cost. We want Corpus to be available to all christians and finances are always a barrier of some sort. We believe and have seen through the years that God has done miraculous things to provide for students financially. If you need a financial miracle to make Corpus a possibility let us know because we will pray to that end with you! God has been so faithful to all out students through the years.

Yet, we at Corpus want to do our part. When we ran the numbers we realized that if we limited the cost to only the necessities we could make it much more affordable for each student. Books, food, childcare, etc. are all less expensive when done on an individual level. This is why we no longer offer these things as part of Corpus.

3) I AM INTERESTED IN SEEING how corpus WORKS. Is there anyway I can do that before applying?

Yes and no. You are welcome to try out Corpus for a couple weeks. In fact the first two weeks are always open for prospective students who have not made their decision about Corpus quite yet. That being said, we do ask that you apply before the first class. This is for the sake of our administration both of the classes themselves and for us to get you the information you will need heading into the first class.

Every year there has been one or two students that wait until the end of the second class to decide. We love being able to open up this opportunity to prospective students. If this is you, please fill out an application and let us know in the comments that you wish to do this.