Growth // Scholarships // Giving Back

Every dollar donated to Corpus Christi goes toward changing the lives of the people who come to take part in our school.  By sowing into this ministry, you are investing in sustainable change for the people of God.  We desire to see every student learn to receive their Kingdom Identity as sons & daughters, to set Kingdom Culture in the community through living as priests in the world, and to be a part of Building the Kingdom of God by serving through the Church.  By donating, you are doing more than just providing practical resources—you are taking an active part in the expansion of Christ's Kingdom.



Our purpose to help equip local churches to grow in the discipleship of their people. When we speak about growth, it is not about the growth of Corpus Christi but the Kingdom of God through the discipleship of the people of God in local churches. By giving to "Growth," you are giving to our dream of helping local churches disciple the people of God, wherever God may lead.



Corpus Christi began as a local church discipleship program which covered a portion of its expenses through tuition costs. Over the years we have seen many students able to give the time, the energy, the prayer, and commitment but because of their season of life they are unable to provide the finances, it takes to run our school. For that reason, we are giving you an opportunity to give towards scholarships for those unable to pay for their year of discipleship school. We desire to make Corpus accessible to every individual who would wish to participate. By giving to Corpus, you are helping make this a reality.


Giving Back

Corpus Christi has never been out to make a profit. Our desire is only to continually be working on content and support for local churches to be equipped for discipleship of their people. For that reason, each year we will be giving back any profit that is made to the local churches that have partnered with Corpus Christi. Apart from necessary items for growth, content development, administration, and scholarships, profits will be returned to churches that are a part of hosting Corpus Christi.




1. Payable to Via Church Lethbridge  2. Send to 2820 18th Avenue North Lethbridge, Alberta T1H 5K1


All Donations Are Tax Deductible