Lethbridge Corpus

Since 2010, Via Lethbridge has been running Corpus Christi. Over the last seven years we have seen over 300 students from many different churches in Lethbridge participate in each phase, with many graduating from the three year program since 2015.

It was from Lethbridge that we saw Corpus Christi begin to move across Canada into other Via Churches. First Calgary, then Comox, Regina and Vancouver. We are so thankful for everyone that said yes to stepping into the journey with us so many years ago.

Check out some tesimonies of what God has done below.



Phase I - Testimony by Josee Foster


I biked to Corpus Christi on a sunny September afternoon. I walked into a building and sat down with people I’d never seen. I was hungry and pulled out my sandwich. I tried to hide that I was eating because there was something wrong with me.

I thought eating healthy food would threaten my reputation. I believed I wasn’t a “free Christian” if I was eating a gluten free and vegan sandwich. I wasn’t “enough” and was “too skinny” to be perceived as a true Christian. The fear of what other people thought of me consumed me.

We talked about condemnation in Corpus. I didn’t know what it felt like to have no condemnation. I struggled for months, and even during Corpus, bowed to an eating disorder that comforted me in the shame I felt around an inescapable desire to be healthy.  I was hearing all these truths about who God was, who my Daddy was, but the orphan behaviours and self-punishment grew like a weed.

Corpus exposed my need for people.  I received an invitation to a new way of life, one that moves past shame and isolation, one that admits that Jesus is the head of a body made up of real human beings. Through Corpus I received the encouragement to persevere until this was my reality, and had opportunities to build relationships and plant seeds of connection that would soon flourish into friends, mentors, sounding boards, and wise counsellors.

Nothing in Corpus felt like “the solution” to my destructive behaviours, but everything I learned pointed to the answer. And His name is Jesus!  Beneath the surface of a girl who just showed up to class, were seeds of truth germinating deep into rich soil. I didn’t like the fact that I was still messing up, but I see now that without my weakness I wouldn’t need the gospel. I need Jesus to be my holiness and purity.

I learned that in Christ, who truly sets me free, I am His Child. I am empowered. I am safe and secure, understood and loved without conditions. I now genuinely believe that he delights in my desire for health and wellness. It’s His desire to begin with! And since we share DNA, he passed it on to me. Suddenly there’s no need for an eating disorder to hide behind.

My mind is healing, I’m being strengthened. My body is healing, I’m being released. Love is liberating me from dirty walls that bound me to isolation.

I am becoming functional as a cell in the body of Christ. I am experiencing greater degrees of freedom and new depths of me! I am free from extra weight I carried to fix problems. I am free to say yes, and free to say no.  Free to rest, and free to run. Free to feast, and free to fast. I am free to be me!