Who we are

Corpus Christi is a ministry of Via Apostolica and was formed and functions out of Via Church Lethbridge. Our original vision

three year discipleship school that exists for the purpose of helping the local church disciple and train the people of God to be mature disciples. Corpus was built in the church and is for the church. We believe that true discipleship is meant to happen in the local church because it is the people of God who have their feet on the ground and hands in the dirt of a community that will see his Kingdom come when their hearts are focused on God. 

We believe that a mature disciple is someone who is firm in their identity as a son or daughter, who live as priests, on mission in the world as an act of worship unto God, and will take part in building the Kingdom of God as servants in the church. We do not believe that any one person graduates from disciple to leader but instead that we mature in our discipleship but will always be disciples - followers of God.

The way we believe disciples mature is through being discipled through three phases of maturity. The first is to understand our Kingdom Identity, second to live our a Kingdom Culture and lastly to learn how to be Kingdom Builders. In Corpus we take a year to focus on each one of these Phases. To guarantee our Kingdom focus is at the heart of everything we do we've built each year on three principles.



Phase I + Kingdom Identity

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Phase II + Kingdom culture


Phase III + Kingdom building


Church Participation

Interested in running Corpus in your Church? Or, would you like to have Rob come to help you build a discipleship program yourself? 


Individual Participation

Interested in taking Corpus Christi at one of our many locations? We want to help get you connected to the right location.