Phase I

Phase I is designed to set a foundation for the Christian life, mainly by establishing a full and robust revelation of Jesus as the Son of God. It’s about moving Christian truths from the head to the heart and transforming our understanding of ourselves as sons and daughters. .


FOundation + Jesus Son of God

When Jesus was baptized in the river Jordan The Father tore open the heavens and spoke out Christ’s true identity. He declared the identity of his Son to Jesus himself. At the same time he spoke to people gathered. The Father wanted both Jesus and the people to have no doubt that this was his Son and that he loves him.

Form + sons & daughters

In salvation you have been united with Christ and adopted into the family of God, receiving Christ’s sonship as if it is your own. You now live in the Form of a Son or daughter; a child of God.



Function + receiving christ's identity to the heart

As sons and daughters God asks us to live according to this glorious good news. God declared that you are his beloved son or daughter with whom he is well pleased. To live as a child of God we must receive this and all of God's truths to our hearts. When we receive Christ’s identity to our heart we are living out the act of being a child of God. To believe the word of our Father no matter the circumstance or situation is true freedom.

Time Commitment

Class Breakdown
32 Classes – spanning seven months 
Weekly Classes of 2.5 hours consisting of:
30min Group Discussion with your Small Group Pastor
90min Class Time - 30min Group Discussion
Bi-Monthly Classes of 1.5 hours

Reading & Writing Assignments
Details In Syllabus

Recommended Commitments
Ministry Experience - Prayer Vigils -
Healing Meetings – Living Free & Canon Conferences


On site - Lethbridge
$1000 early bird (before July 1)
$1200 regular (after July 1)

Off site - Calgary, Regina, Comox, Vancouver
$800 early bird (before July 1)
$1000 regular (after July 1)