Phase II

Phase II is designed to set a foundation for living Christian life in the world by establishing a revelation of Jesus as the Great High Priest. In this year we learn what it looks like to live as priests in the world, joining in the mission of Christ to see a Kingdom Culture established upon the earth.


FOundation + Jesus Great High PRiest

When Jesus ascended into heaven he ascended as our Priest in heaven always standing before God as the Priest pouring out blood upon the alter for the sake of our sins. He makes a way for us to now enter into the presence of God unhindered.

Form + priests

In salvation you have been united with our Great High Priest and seen as priests who have been cleansed and made worthy to enter the Holy Place in the presence of God.



Function + Setting Christ's culture in the world

God has now welcomed you into his presence and made you holy before him as his priests on the earth. Being made holy, he sent you into the world to set the culture of Christ, a culture of worship, as an act of mission. 

Time Commitment

Class Breakdown
32 Classes – spanning seven months 
Weekly Classes of 2.5 hours consisting of:
30min Group Discussion with your Small Group Pastor
90min Class Time - 30min Group Discussion
Bi-Monthly Classes of 1.5 hours

Reading & Writing Assignments
Details In Syllabus

Recommended Commitments
Ministry Experience - Prayer Vigils -
Healing Meetings – Living Free & Canon Conferences


On site - Lethbridge
$1000 early bird (before July 1)
$1200 regular (after July 1)

Off site - Calgary, Regina, Comox, Vancouver
$800 early bird (before July 1)
$1000 regular (after July 1)