Phase III

Phase III is designed for those that feel called to help every believer take the vital step in spiritual maturity, which is servant leadership. We do this through establishing a revelation of Jesus the Servant of All. In this phase we will train you in how to lead and serve others in the ways you minister as an act of building Christ's Kingdom.


FOundation + Jesus Servant of all

When Jesus came to earth he took on the role of a servant. Time and time again, Jesus stoops low to serve those around him into His Kingdom. Whether it was setting aside his heavenly glory to take on flesh, wrapping the towel around his waist to wash his disciples feet or picking up the cross to pay for the sins of the whole world. Christ modelled for us that true leadership looks like servanthood.

Form + servants

In salvation you were united with Christ and join him as builders of his Kingdom. As servant leaders in the church Christ will use you to welcome many into his Kingdom. 



Function + building christ's kingdom through the church

When Christ announced that that Kingdom of God has arrived through him it was just the beginning. Through salvation he has welcomed you into the work of building his Kingdom with him. The conduit through which he looks to build His Kingdom is the church.


Time Commitment

Class Breakdown
30 Classes – spanning seven months 
Weekly Classes of 2.5 hours consisting of:
30min Group Discussion with your Small Group Pastor
90min Class Time - 30min Group Discussion
Bi-Monthly Classes of 1.5 hours

Reading & Writing Assignments
Details In Syllabus

Recommended Commitments
Ministry Experience - Prayer Vigils -
Healing Meetings – Living Free & Canon Conferences

Ministry Placement
Minimum of 4 hours/week required
10 months

Ministry Mentor meetings
(minimum of one/month)

Assessment review and Phase Overseer meetings
(three times/year)



On site - Lethbridge
$1000 early bird (before July 1)
$1200 regular (after July 1)

Off site - Calgary, Regina, Comox, Vancouver
$800 early bird (before July 1)
$1000 regular (after July 1)