Phase two - living God’s Story



SCHEDULE: Sunday afternoon

cost: $1200 lethbridge or $1000 online/off-site*

2019/20 applications open: June 7th, 2019

age: 17 and older

*online students will video conference in for all classes in Lethbridge, whereas our off-site students will watch video classes in a small group at one of our offsite locations.


WHat is phase two?

In phase two the doctrine of the Triune God and our image-bearing nature is our base. With this as our focus we look at what it means to be an image-bearer of God in the world today. From the beginning of time, the people of God were always meant to be a blessing to all mankind and an example of what it should look like to be God’s set apart people. We look at the belief that God has planned every part of us, from our gender to our callings, and the gifts we’ve received from birth. We were always part of his plan and because of that he has made us just the way he wants us to be.

Christian ethics, New Testament morality, gender identity, sexuality, occupation, physical health, finances are just some of the topics we will look at through this year. Every part of who we our is intentional and because of that, how we act must align with God’s purposes. This is the purpose of phase two. Together we will study, pray and receive God’s truth so that we may be the fullness of who God made us to be on the earth.


what can you expect?

Everything we did in phase one was to help each student build a mature spiritual foundation for them to build off of for the rest of their lives. Phase two continues in those same rhythms to help solidify what was built in phase one. Just as they are in phase one, our expectations are meant to be manageable for any person, whether that is someone with a full-time job and a family or a university student or a stay at home parent. These daily, weekly, monthly and yearly rhythms will aid your continued growth through this year and beyond.

Daily Rhythm

  • Morning and Evening Prayer - we have provided every student with a booklet to aid in a daily rhythm of morning and evening prayer. This includes liturgical prayers, personal prayers, prayers of intercession and scripture reading. Our goal is to help each student see that a daily rhythm of prayer and scripture reading is not only valuable it is necessary for the life and health of the human soul. This is one of the primary ways we are formed by God on a daily basis.

Weekly Rhythm

  • Classes - Once a week, from September to April there will be a gathering for theological instruction, discussion and prayer. This year we are focused on building upon what we learned in phase one. Our studies will focus on what it means to be an image-bearer of God in the world today and how the Lord expects us to live according to that truth. We begin each class with 30 minutes of discussion about the previous week in order to reflect together as a community.

  • Reading - There are assigned books and scripture readings in order to assist you in learning and receiving God’s truth. The assigned books for phase two are found below.

  • Reflection - One of the most important pieces in receiving truth to the heart is reflection. Through the year we are asking you to keep a spiritual journal, where you can reflect on how you have responded to the truth of who God is, who he’s made you to be and how he’s called you to live. We ask that you write a reflection on the classes, readings and/or daily prayer to share online with the other students by midnight on Saturday evening.

  • Small Group Discussion - Both in our online forums and in class there is expectation to engage in small group discussions. This aspect of community and learning is of the utmost important. It takes humility and courage to share our struggles and our successes with those around us. This is also one of the areas we will learn the most if we come humbly with a willingness to learn from our peers.

Monthly Rhythm

  • Pastoral Meeting - If you are a local student to Lethbridge, or an online student, Canon Rob will meet once per month to process what the Lord has been doing with you over the last month. This meeting is not administrative in nature but pastoral. We know that there are always many things happening in our lives when we devote time to the Lord, whether those are things of blessing, spiritual attack or struggles, all can be walked out in faith but we can’t do it alone. Your pastor’s focus will be to help guide you along the way, and to help you develop spiritual eyes to see all that the Lord is doing in your life through all these circumstances, good or bad.

Yearly Rhythm

  • Year End Reflection - This reflection can be done in a number of ways. If you are an artist we encourage you to use your art as a way of reflecting and proclaiming what God has revealed through the year. This reflection is not primarily about you, it is about God. Who has God revealed himself to be this year? What truth about God transformed your life most spectacularly? What is different at the end than it was in the beginning? What is your testimony of God’s goodness at the end of phase one?


After you believe - n.t. wright

the way of the heart - henri j.m. nouwen

eat this book - eugene peterson

These are required reading materials for the class and are not provided by Corpus as it saves a significant amount of money for each student to order a single copy rather than us order them in bulk. Your journals have your weekly readings writing into them.