Phase I Identity

Your identity is who you are. It’s the essence of your being. It’s what defines you and gives your life meaning and value. In our culture, we look to things like success, money, sex, pleasure, fame, position and relationships to confirm our worth. We end up feeling empty and dissatisfied.

Phase I is all about understanding and living in our true identity. You’ll spend the year exploring and discovering who you are in Christ and learn to live as one who is free, confident and powerful!

Phase I is designed to set a foundation for the Christian life, mainly by establishing a full and robust revelation of Jesus. It’s about moving Christian truths from the head to the heart where they have the power to bring about life transformation.



Time Commitment

September to March (On site) October to April (Off site)
Sunday class 1:30pm-4:00pm (childcare available on site)*
First & third Thursday of every month 7:00-8:30pm (childcare available on site)*
Short writing and reading assignments
Daily Prayer & Scripture reading

*Times will vary depending on site location. 


On site

Off site



Corpus Christi Alumni have the opportunity to re-take the phase(s) they have completed and paid for in full. Alumni will have the same privileges and responsibilities as first year students.

The cost for alumni is $500/person and includes classes, Sunday lunches and childcare.
Journals can be purchased for an additional $50.

Please fill out the Alumni Application Form found here



Tyler & Amy Braun - Via Lethbridge

Tyler & Amy Braun - Via Lethbridge

Tony & Noel Matchett - Via Regina

Tony & Noel Matchett - Via Regina

Father Lawrence Kopp - Via Comox

Father Lawrence Kopp - Via Comox