Taking phase one was for me like presenting a delectable feast before a starving woman. Going in, I felt so depleted. Spiritually starving. I was desperate for nourishment; meat for my soul. Deep down I was not ok, and the more we delved into the rich theology of the gospel, the more I realized how NOT ok I was! I was starving.

I felt like the Psalmist, “O God, you are my God; earnestly I seek you; my soul thirsts for you; my flesh faints for you, as in a dry and weary land where there is no water.” I was so desperate for time with God that I would have been satisfied if the only thing I did in phase one, was sit there and listen to the lessons each week - that would have been enough for me! But God had more for me than simply listening. He completely changed my paradigm for heaven, the final resurrection, and His kingdom on earth, now.

Before Corpus started I was talking to a Mormon friend who is in a really challenging life situation, and her hope and longing for the end of this world, for heaven, put me to shame. She was hoping for something that I knew, as a Christian, should probably be hoping for too. But honestly, I wasn’t. My view of heaven, of the final resurrection, of eternity with God, was lacklustre. But boy is that changed now! I get it! I get why people hope for heaven. I have an understanding of what it all means, and a heart revelation that gives me hope for the life that is to come! It’s amazing! And add onto that a proper understanding of the judgement of God, a deeper revelation of my adoption and His heart to restore all things (to see His forever-kingdom invade earth NOW)....my world is changed. It all makes sense! It makes mission make sense. It gives me something to hope for beyond this life. Something that I WANT to see others come to hope in. God really is good, and really wants to spend eternity with me; with us, His kids, just like he planned from the beginning. Over the course of the year I felt the Father continually saying to me, “let me love you.” As if He was longing to love me, but I had to give him permission - I had to allow Him. I had to open up my mind, heart and soul to receive from him. And through the feast of theological truths about who He is, and the subsequent revelations of who I am in light of those truths, I am deeply loved. 

Mary-ann Boersma - Lethbridge, Ab


This year my theological foundation was strengthened, my communion with Jesus nurtured, and my awareness of my need to be completely dependent on God in every area of my life and ministry grew in leaps and bounds! I am more captivated by Christ, the sacraments he instituted, his Church, and his mission than I ever have been before, and I will give my entire life in service to these ends.

Jeff Schroeder - vancouver, bc

God the Father is handing me charisms; gifts endowed by his spirit so that I may serve in the great ebb and flow of his live novel. His mission is mine. His pen is writing miraculous events in the ordinary. His life is abiding and eternal and it is on offer to receive.

Kendal dennill - lethbridge, ab


There is only one word that I would use to describe my three years in Corpus; miraculous.

Corpus was a means through which I received fresh revelation from the Father. At the end of it all, I have more faith and more trust in the Father. I am more confident in who I am, what my purpose is, and how to walk that out. I can stand firm on the gospel and be bold about my faith. I am addicted to church, community, and serving, and I don’t see my discipleship ending here. The more I know, the moreI want to know. I’m absolutely amazed at how being discipled has completely changed my life.

The biggest and best thing Corpus gave me is an insatiable hunger for God.

Kathy Switzer - calgary, ab

I reached out to the Lord and He held my hand tight and walked with me. He continues to walk with me. I praise God for His continued work, how he pursues me all the days of my life. I am so grateful. 

Mariannick Kroeker - comox vallery, bc

Our consumerism soaked culture took hold of my heart and drowned me in a whirlpool of lies. I was suffocated by anxiety about money. The chains were tight around my wrists. My prayer to Jesus was that I would not be a Judas. Not as a betrayer, but as a greedy, selfish, untrusting servant. Judas despised Mary for pouring out expensive perfume on Jesus’ feet and made the excuse that the money could have been used for the poor. He completely failed to see the sacrifice she made for her Saviour and King and that Jesus is invaluable.

Jesus began to take hold of those chains and broke them. He came as a warrior between my finances and me and released me from the lies. Everything belongs to Him, all of creation, including money. Through corpus, I learned that we are a holy priesthood, set apart for God, therefore belonging to God. Generosity illuminates holiness. Jesus gave and poured out onto the poor, and he expects us to echo His role as servant.

God has transformed my heart with regards to finances and in the most compassionate way, compelled me to trust Him. I am not Judas.

cait pauls - lethbridge, ab

Fireside Room Full.jpg

Phase One of Corpus introduced many practical, foundational truths about our identity in Christ that I realize now I had missed along the way. I grew up in the church and though I’m sure I was taught some of these truths in one way or another, they never seemed to get through to my heart. I understood salvation only in terms of a future judgment event. As for the here and now I felt that it was all up to me to live well enough to earn God’s favor and deserve His forgiveness. Of course I never would have worded it quite in that way, but in my heart I was always relying on myself to be better. Despite having gracious spiritual leaders, I often felt that my place in the body depended on my ability to demonstrate spiritual growth, spiritual gifts, and moral character.

The beautiful truth that I have come to learn through Corpus is that through my adoption in Christ my place in His family is fixed and I can always depend on His perfect provision for me in every situation. In every moment I can receive the validation of the perfectly loving Father to his perfectly obedient Son. I am learning how He has prepared good works for me and promised to complete His work in me. How He is not interested in how well I can make this work on my own, but in providing for me in my state of dependence on Him. I am still discovering how His ideal state for me is to need Him for everything. The part of me that wanted to be good enough on my own, and take on the pressure of making it all work was driven by the false belief that God the Father only has so much He is willing to give me. That I have to do enough to convince Him to do the rest. The beautiful reality though, is that Jesus was perfectly dependent on the Father and that is all He expects of me. In fact, all that God requires of me is to believe in Him, which means to rely on Him for everything.

Dylan Jonstone - Regina, sk

It’s pretty mind blowing to recall all that Jesus has changed and refined in me. It reminds me of an anonymous quote that sums up my journey: “Isn't it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back everything is different?”

Melody jameus - calgary, ab


His truth applies to every part of my life. He is not separate from real day-to-day life. His word and His plan are not separate. I am whole in Him. My life is whole in Him. It’s the untruths that separate and bring brokenness. My transcendent Lord, I love that word, has healing for all of our lives, past present and future. 

Kay Steele - lethbridge, ab

He sees me, my full personality, and He calls me “beautiful” and “beloved”. He actually created me that way on purpose, in His image to represent Him and express aspects of Himself.

alyssa visscher - lethbridge, ab