A lot of my upbringing we weren't really well off and I did not have many friends. (shocking I know). So when I first became a Christian I remember praying this immature prayer, “Lord, I'll follow you and give you my life, but the two things I will control is my relationships and my money.” Being new to the faith I thought this was a good compromise. I lived my Christian life for 10 years or so allowing God in most areas of my life, except these two. I still tithed and was in community, but I chose when to tithe and how much and who I would spend my time with. 

In Phase II of Corpus I thought I had a good handle of these things… And then He began to challenge me in these areas, mostly in finances. When I felt God calling me out of ministry and a comfortable job, I knew it was to allow for Him to train me in different areas and to trust Him. The first year and a half of Real Estate was good to me, but then I didn't have a sale for 6 months! And I had outstanding debts . My fear of failing, fear of not having enough, fear of not being the provider for my family came up; especially around Christmas. Would I have enough to get my children anything for Christmas? I thought maybe I would take on a second job for a season. My wonderfully Spirit filled wife asked me, "Is that trusting in yourself to provide or trusting in Jesus as provider?” Right away I knew the answer. 

We had been going through these topics of money in Corpus and I realized I actually need Jesus, not only to take the reigns of my finances, but also change my heart in how I viewed finances. That all things come from Him.  So we prayed and gave it to God, TRUSTING that HE would be the good provider . He provided in ways I did not expect. My wife was working as a casual nurse and her boss actually asked if she could pick up more shifts because they were short staffed. This helped out a lot in the finance department, and through Corpus, my heart began to change. 

Prior to this, my heart posture towards money was “I WORKED for this money, and I deserve to spend it however I see fit” - which was problematic from the start. When you actually believe that you earned your money its harder to give it up. Tithing would happen if there was “leftovers”, and I would be stingy with other charitable contributions. With Corpus, and in this season of life I began to realize (for some, this is probably a no brainer) that all finances come from Him. He provides the clients and the sales . He is the Good Provider for my family. When that heart posture changed, I began to tithe and give first before anything else. No matter how much debt I still had owing, no matter what my needs or wants were that month; I knew that this money was His to begin with, not mine from what I did, and it became easier to give back what is rightfully His.