God’s Plan through Work

When I became a Christian I thought I was working until God called me to ministry. That it was a necessary evil created by the fall until God rescues me from work and uses me in a more spiritual way to serve Him. So although I felt fulfilled and enjoyed work I felt guilty about that, feeling like it was not the BEST way. 

Its been confusing messages within the church about that. As a new Christian I almost felt apologetic for not being in formal ministry and working hoping God could use me there, but sensing a less than view. 

Through Corpus I – I experienced healing for some of my false beliefs around work and recognition of the unhealthy place it held in my life. 

During Corpus II I heard a theologically and practically rich teaching about Gods desires and creation around work. Could I have been living out Gods Plan for me through my work in spite of my sin in that area?

I have gained a new understanding of the possibilities that He was in it. Part of me just knew He had to be or at least hoped He was. What the bible says about that, I had no idea. Up to this point I had not received much guidance or understanding of walking out my faith and Gods view of a Christian life in the workplace. The gospel does give meaning to my work and my desire to work. It was an opportunity to show Him in my workplace, to express His love and respect. He is interested in that. He saw my heart for Him there. 

I am now able to connect the fulfillment and enjoyment of work to Gods plan. There is no shame or sense of a ‘less than’ or wasted life when spent working. It is equally valuable to him. It is His call for many. How healing for my heart. I can now recognize His presence and purpose in that part of my life. He provided so much for my family and I and I can now freely receive that. How beautiful and healing to know Lord, you did all of that for me and with me and through me. 

I am retired and now say “now what”, but with an open heart. He has provided healing for the past but also for what lies ahead. He loves that I had passion for it, that there was fulfillment for me there. 

It was Him who gave me the wisdom for it, the patience for it and the vision for it. He, His truth applies to every part of my life. He is not separate from real day-to-day life. His word, His plan is not separate. I am whole in Him. My life is whole. It’s the untruths that separate and bring brokenness. My transcendent Lord. I love that word. He has healing for all of our lives, past present and future.