In my heart he lives and he speaks in anatomical analogies of irreversible strength and forever mysterious and righteous formalities. This permanent body that he’s setting free, I have visions about and shivers for and connections too deep inside of me.

My Father’s Formal, handing me charism; gifts endowed by his spirit. So I may serve and give in the great ebb and flow of his live novel. His mission is mine. The body is breathing divine so this energy my body brushes onto others is real. His pen is writing miraculous events in the ordinary. His life force is abiding and eternal and its open to steal.

At first its theft is selfish without question but with prayers and connecting to vital organs in the system of succession it’s from virtual to real. The corporal interaction beats biologically and perpetually. It’s undeniable and devoted to his nature, and its members in the organisms can reach the third degree. The witnesses to be are seeded by his oxygen through our lungs, through me!

His body remains unchanged indefinitely but fear and forgetfulness have been crippling. This needs shaking by strong-cuffed fists, this maddening cancer. The Father prescribes endless doses of love so movement breaks through, settling in free and unending life. So paralyzed children need the holy thawing through warm hearts to inspire perspired and sacrificial devotion to the only one worthy.

It’s loving God for God I seek, for his body’s function and purpose is indestructible. He shows me the third degree in psalm 73; when my flesh and my heart fail always and undeniably, he is my strength and my portion of perfect peace and delivery: caressing me into permanent promises in a priesthood worthy of his favour.

Indestructibly speaking through his natural, a world redeemed into lasting life is the dream, a WHOLE body for his dwelling. May we reduce as small as cellular as to increase in spirit, divinely one with our creator-inventor filling every crease and wrinkle with his presence. We unite in the rush of his blood. We share skin, cartilage, bone, and tissue. This body is alive and permanent, bleeding for all time and never again so Son and Bride collide. My heart needs yours, collectively more strong and powerful than ever alone. We are never alone and we are made in the forever in his permanent body.